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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the strategy and processes that connect advertisers with their audiences across digital channels. An advertisement itself is a piece of creative shared via digital inventory – the space a publisher makes available for advertisements on its platform.

Digital refers to a number of different channels, all used to uniquely engage audiences and tackle various goals of the conversion funnel. The digital channels include display, search, mobile, social, and video. Originally referred to as “interactive marketing” digital allows consumers to interact with ads and communicate back to brands.

Vast amounts of targeting technology and capturing of data in digital marketing, advertisers are able to reach both large audiences and more granular segments without compromising scale. This includes being able to target by specific attribute including demographic, behavioral, psycho-graphic, and more. Not only can marketers target groups of people, they can also target specific devices and even individual users regardless of what device they may be using.

Additionally, digital marketers are especially determined to measure success of campaigns. A number of user engagements can be tracked such as impressions, clicks, website hits, leads, and actual purchases.

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Package Offers

SL No. Description Quantity Price
01 For Facebook Advertisement
Logo Design, FB Cover & Profile Picture Design
and a Post Advert Design
1 Package
2 Revision
BDT 3000
02 SEO Services
Keyword & Website research
Quality Backlink, On-page local SEO
at actual
open to discussion
BDT 5000
03 Facebook Business Page
Google & Facebook Reviews
Google My Business
at actual
open to discussion
BDT 5000
04 Social Media Paid Campaign
Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin
Proper Targeting setup
Minimum $50
BDT 130